Folks, please don't rely on a raccoon to check your roof! 

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Folks, please don't rely on a racoon to check your roof!

Bird droppings, tree sap, or actual hail damage?

Can you spot the actual hail damage in the picture above?

Check Roof

professional roof inspections & storm recovery


Severe Thunderstorms

Believe it or not, severe thunderstorms do more damage in dollar terms than fire! According to the Insurance Information Institute, for every $100 of homeowner premiums collected by the insurance industry, $30 goes to paying for wind and hail damage, compared to $16 for fire, and just $11 for water.

Hail: Real Damage or Cosmetic?

Since hail is associated with thunderstorms, you may have wind and hail damage together as a result of a single storm, but not always, and sometimes after a storm, you may look at your roof, or have that 'friend with a ladder' take a look, but more often than not, unless there is obvious hail damage, only a fully-trained professional is going to find the hail damage and be able to discern whether it is detrimental to the integrity of your roof, or not.

Collateral Damage

First, our inspector will examine your property to evaluate the potential claim the same way as the adjuster for the insurance company, and most importantly, we will document all damages found, leaving nothing overlooked. The importance of this can not be overstated! Insurance companies often miss damages, and so underpay claims. This is why you want Check Roof's independent professionals on your side. The more damage we find, the stronger the case for full compensation from your insurance company!

Check Roof will find every last bit of hail damage

So you won't be shortchanged by anyone!