James G. Belton, Tx - "Thanks Check Roof for honestly examining my roof and reassuring me that I *do not* need a new roof at this time, but only minor repairs that you took care of for me for way less than I thought! Another company had come out and tried to sell me on a brand new roof which with my insurance deductible would have cost me thousands more"

Auto Tech Waxahachie, Tx  - "Honest appraisal quality work and good customer service. Thanks guys! A++++"

Rick W. Killeen, Tx - "Really wasn't expecting to need a new roof, but when Mike came out and took the time to go over everything he found up there with me, I knew it was time and knew I had met with the right company. Thank you."

Erin R. Cedar Park, Tx - "A lot of roofing companies may have tried to oversell me. I no longer had insurance on my home and this was the last thing I needed. Check Roof's storm restoration specialist worked with me and contacted the owner directly to help me work out a plan that I could afford and now, no more leaks!"

Jerry R. Arlington, Tx - "Did not have the manpower to get all the work done down here that was coming our way after the last storm and you guys really pulled it together for us - should call you angels! Thank you Check Roof!"


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